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A fantastic, new meaningful activity with your dog.

An activity for all dogs and their owners

Something new

Would you like to take the partnership with your dog to a totally new level?

Test Your Dog

Would you like to find out how good your dogs nose really is?

Fun and exciting!

Try the exciting new activity of trailing a hidden Specific person!

Great for your Dog and you!

This activity is very low impact on the dogs and owners and provides the dog with a very intense mentally stimulated workout.

Smart Dog!

You will never get bored of the buzz watching your dog solving a complex exercise.

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Want to find out about Mantrailing? join us.

We offer a new fun and exciting activity for all dog owners who want to provide their dog with a mentally stimulating and rewarding activity using the dogs naturally scent abilities. We train you and your dog to become a Mantrailing Team in a fun and enjoyable way of training – just contact us for more information!

Our instructors have teaching and dog training experience and have good knowledge about how scent is influenced by the environment and how dog’s communicate to you how they see this world of scent.

We tailor the training to you and your dog, to give you the best and fun loaded experience understanding each other.

This amazing activity is accessible to all dog owners, all breeds regardless of age, size or abilities. It fun for the dogs and owners in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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Dogs 4 Wildlife

We are supporting Dogs 4 Wildlife as we are in tune with their mission, which aims to provide both, dogs trained to a high standard and high-quality ranger training, for the development of anti-poaching canine units to protect endangered wildlife. We are going to give support, in inspiring and motivating the next generation of wildlife protectors, through effective and determined education.

We are going to give practical support to meet the project objectives - to promote, for the benefit of the public and our future generations, the conservation and protection of endangered species and the protection against wildlife crime through:

1. Training and establishing strong, reliable, anti-poaching canine units.
2. Community empowerment projects, to advance the awareness and education about endangered species for protection of biodiversity.
3. Providing educational platforms in the UK and Africa to raise awareness of the plight of wildlife and inspire the next generation of wildlife protectors.

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